Broadview Detention Center Vigil

Interfaith Vigil for Immigrant Justice  at Broadview Detention Center

Join people of faith on the first Friday of every month for an interfaith prayer vigil at Broadview Detention Center at 1930 Beach St, Broadview, IL 60153.  Every other Friday of the month the vigil is centered on the Catholic Rosary.  Everyone is always welcome to participate any Friday of the month in this important and powerful public witness.  For more information, call us at 773-293-3680; or email Sara Wohlleb at

DATE:             Every Friday (First Friday is Interfaith)

TIME:              7:15 AM
LOCATION:      1930 Beach St, Broadview, IL 60153


Directions: The Broadview Center is located at 1930 Beach St, Broadview, IL 60153.
From the loop take I-290 W to South 25th Ave exit, 18A, turn right at Lexington St., Turn Left on Beach St.


Always call ahead if you are planning on going to visit someone in detention to confirm the visitation hours.  The phone numbers are listed below. 

If someone is being deported on Friday mornings you are allowed to bring them property like identification, money, and sometimes you are allowed to give them a small bag of other possessions like clothes (but this is not always guaranteed)

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Siempre debe llamar antes para confirmar las horas de visita si esta planeando a viajar para visitar a alguien.  Los telefonos estas listados abajo.

Si alguien va ser deportado en la mañana los viernes Usted puede traerle coses como dinero, su identificación, y a veces puede dejar una bolsa pequeña con cosas como ropa (pero esto no es garantizado)

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