Days of Prayer and Action Success! Keep the Movement Going!

This year over 43,000 people across the country participated in various events for the Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia! Across Illinois there were 11 education events and poster displays, raising awareness of the 5 million internally displaced persons in Colombia. Thank you to everyone who participated in these events and made phone calls to our policy makers.


The movement is not over! HRes 1224, supporting Afro-Colombian and indigenous IDPs, is still pending in Congress. We have 36 co-sponsors (6 from Illinois alone!), but we need more. Please take a moment today to call your Representative!


Current Illinois Co-sponsors are Bobby Rush, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Mike Quigley, Danny Davis and Jan Schakowsky. If they are your representative, call and thank them!


If your Member of Congress is not a co-sponsor, call them at the number below. Ask to speak to the foreign policy aide. If he or she is not available, leave a message on their voicemail. When you call, feel free to use this script as a guide.


Hello, my name is ____________ and I live in _________________ (city/zip). I'm calling today to ask Congressman/woman______________ to co-sponsor HRes. 1224, supporting the rights of Internally Displaced Persons in Colombia. The IDP crisis in Colombia is the second largest in the world, next only to Sudan. I hope the Congressman/woman will join his/her colleagues in supporting this important resolution and human rights in Colombia. Please send me a formal response at _______________ (email or mailing address).



If you don't know who your Members of Congress are, go to and type in your zip code to find out or give us a call at 773-293-2964. Below is a list of IL Members of Congress, their foreign policy staffers and their phone numbers. When you call, ask to speak to the foreign policy aide. If he or she is not available, leave a voicemail message.


Bobby Rush (D-1st) - Speak with Angelle Kwemo, 202-225-4372

Jesse Jackson (D-2nd) - Speak with Charles Dujon, 202-225-0773

Dan Lipinski (D-3rd) - Speak with Eric Lausten, 202-225-5701

Luis Gutierrez (D-4th) - Speak with Evelyn Rodriguez, 202-225-8303

Mike Quigley (D-5th) - Speak with Robyn Russell, 202-225-4061

Peter Roskam (R-6th) - Speak with Brigitta Johnson, 202-225-4561

Danny Davis (D-7th) - Speak with Caleb Gilchrist, 202-225-5006

Melissa Bean (D-8th) - Speak with Liz Jurinka, 202-225-3711

Jan Schakowsky (D-9th­) - Speak with Nina Besser, 202-225-2111

Mark Kirk (R-10th) - Speak with Jeffrey Phillips, 202-225-4835

Debbie Halvorson (D-11th) - Speak with Justin Cajindos, 202-225-3635

Jerry Costello (D-12th) - Speak with Katie Stonewater, 202-225-5661

Judy Biggert (R-13th) - Speak with Griffin Foster, 202-225-3515

Bill Foster (D-14th) - Speak with Kyle Simpson, 202-225-2976

Timothy Johnson (R-15th) - Speak with Jen Mascho, 202-225-2371

Donald Manzullo (R-16th) - Speak with Nien Su, 202-225-5676

Phil Hare (D-17th) ­- Speak with Kemi Jemilohun, 202-225-5905

Aaron Schock (R-18th) - Speak with Steve Shearer, 202-225-6201

John Shimkus (R-19th) - Speak with Greta Joynes, 202-225-5271