Join the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice

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Public and Prayerful Action

  • Become an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation through engagning in prayer, reflection, education, relationship building, and action (Click here for more information)
  • Lift up immigration concerns in prayers, liturgy and meditations during services. (E-mail for examples) 
  • Accompany and support immigrant families affected by detention and deportation
  • Offer sanctuary to a family facing deportation in your congregation's building, or support another congregation offering sanctuary (see below for available workshop)
  • Call, e-mail, and meet with elected representatives to advocate for more just policies. (E-mail to request to receive e-mail action alerts)
  • Support the Unaccompanied Children's Interfaith Ministry in Chicago
  • Join people of faith on the first Friday of every month at 7 am for an interfaith prayer vigil at Broadview Detention Center at 1930 Beach St, Broadview, IL 60153. Click here for more information.
  • Contribute to the Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America through financial support or in-kind donations of material support, meeting space, etc.
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Education: Request a Workshop for Your Congregation Here

CRLN Immigration Program Presentations:


1) Becoming a sanctuary offering congregation:

Now, more than ever, congregations must step up and fight with our undocumented friends and neighbors fighting their deportations! Learn more about taking prophetic action and providing physical space to challenge the system of criminalization, detention, and deportations in this country. #not1more


2) Becoming an immigrant welcoming congregation (IWC):

Join our network of congregations and faith-based organizations that have publicly declared their support for undocumented communities. Together, we form an Organizing Committee (OC) that meets regularly to discuss current campaigns that challenge forced migration locally, nationally, and transnationally. Learn more about becoming an IWC!


3) How to become involved in deportation defense efforts:

We have responded to the call of #not1more that asks us to focus on deportation defense efforts. Under the current administration, almost 3 million people have been deported. Learn more about ongoing deportation defense work, why it’s so critical, knowing your rights, and how your congregation or organization can get involved.


4) How young folks are important to immigrant justice movements:

Are you a young person interested in learning more about the work we do and getting involved? Do you work with a youth group and would like for them to learn more about im/migration in the US and abroad and how young people have been involved in undocumented-led movements? Sign up to bring a presentation to your community that discusses the intersections of youth organizing, ethnic studies, and im/migration.

Visit our Facebook Page for the latest news and action opportunities

To get involved contact: 

Cinthya Rodriguez

Immigration Organizer 
Office: 773-293-3680


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