Faith Communities Sign-on Letter on Colombia

Bring the voices of Colombian churches to Congress!

Colombia is ravaged by conflict, and religious leaders and churches in that country have taken a strong position in favor of peace.  Due to their work for peace, thousands of local and national church leaders have been killed in Colombia.  Representatives of Colombian churches have drafted a letter to send to the U.S. Congress regarding military aid to their country and the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Colombian faith leaders from across the country are signing the letter and have asked the U.S. faith community to join them. 


With our partner organizations, we are inviting Illinois leaders - from denominational heads to priests, pastors and social justice chairs in local churches, as well as men and women religious and representatives of faith-based institutions - to join Colombian religious leaders in signing this important letter, calling on the U.S. Congress to take a stand for policies that advance peace and justice in Colombia. Please go to to view the letter


I urge you to join us in signing this letter.  This is a tangible, practical way for religious communities in the United States to walk in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in faith in Colombia.  To add your name to the letter, please contact Jim at with your name, position, congregation or organization, and town.