Take Action! Tell Your Representative and Senators to Stand By Colombia's Victims of Violence

Call on Congress to Reduce Military Aid to Colombia & Support Victims of Violence


As you will recall, last year the Congress made many positive changes in U.S. policy towards Colombia - changes that couldn't have been made without committed activists like you picking up the phone, demanding your voice be heard. With the foreign aid subcommittees in the House and Senate set to "mark up" their respective bills in mid-July, it's time to call your representative and senators and urge them to stand by Colombia's victims of violence.


Call your Representative and Senators today and ask them to support the continued reduction of military aid to Colombia in this year's foreign aid bill. See below for a list of Illinois Representatives & Senators, foreign policy staffers, and their contact information. Also, if you don't know who your members of Congress are go to http://www.congress.org/ and type in your zip code to find out.   When you call, ask to speak with the foreign policy aide. If he or she is unavailable, please leave the following message on his or her voicemail:


"I am a constituent calling to encourage Rep./Senator  ____________ to ensure that this year's foreign aid bill stands by Colombia's victims of violence. Last year, the Congress moved U.S. policy in the right direction by reducing military aid. Now, with credible reports linking the Colombian military to extrajudicial killings of civilians, Congress must continue to cut aid to Colombia. Instead of fueling war, the U.S. should be supporting Colombia's victims of violence - small farmers trying to turn away from coca, refugees and the internally displaced, and Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities - in addition to the courageous efforts of human rights defenders.  I urge you to share my concerns on U.S. aid to Colombia directly with the chair of the foreign operations subcommittee before the foreign aid bill goes to mark up.   Can I count on Rep/Senator ________ to communicate these concerns?  Please let me know. My phone number is ___________. Thank you."


When you decide to take positive actions on behalf Colombia's victims of violence, send us an email to let us know what you did.  We've already achieved some momentous changes in U.S. policy towards Colombia, but we've got to keep building on our successes - we must keep pushing that ball up the hill! Your calls make a difference!  For more information, contact Danielle Wegman at dwegman@crln.org or 773-293-3680. 



Illinois Representatives


Bobby Rush (D-1st) - John Marshall, 202-225-4372

Jesse Jackson (D- 2nd) ­ - Charles Dujon, 202-225-0773

Dan Lipinski (D- 3rd) - Keith Devereaux, 202-225-5701

Luis Gutierrez (D-4th) - Greg Staff, 202-225-8203

Rahm Emanuel (D -5th) - Luis Jimenez, 202-225-4061

Peter Roskam (R-6th) - Vicky Sanville, 202-225-4561

Danny Davis (D-7th) - Charles Brown, 202-225-5006

Melissa Bean (D-8th) - J.D. Grom, 202-225-3711

Jan Schakowsky (D-9th) - Nina Besser, 202-225-2111

Mark Kirk (R-10th) - Rich Goldberg, 202-225-4835

Jerry Weller (R-11th) - Alan Tennille, 202-225-3635

Jerry Costello (D-12th) - Dan McCarthy, 202-225-5661

Judy Biggert (R-13th) - Brian Petersen, 202-225-3515

Bill Foster (D-14th) - Peter Judge, 202-225-2976

Timothy Johnson (R-15th) - Jennifer Mascho, 202-225-2371

Donald Manzullo (R-16th) -  Nien Su, 202-225-5676

Phil Hare (D-17th) - Kemi Jemilohun, 202-225-5905

Ray LaHood (R-18th) - Diane Liesman, 202-225-6201