CRLN's 2011 Annual Luncheon: We Shall Not Be Moved

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The Violent Oppression of the Garifuna and the Struggle for Land

Join us on Thursday November 3 at Noon for CRLN's 2011 Annual Lunch, with our special guest Miriam Miranda.  She is the general coordinator of the National Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH) and an important leader in the Garifuna community of Afro-descendant peoples.   Miriam and OFRANEH are leaders in the wide-spread non-violent movement rejecting the 2009 military coup and the repression and violence of post-coup regimes.  Miriam has been targeted and threatened, arrested during a Garifuna demonstration and treated for injuries suffered during the incident.



Since the coup, Miriam and the Garifuna community have suffered repression and violence, from both government and private commercial interests, as they have asserted their collective, community rights to ancestral lands.  These rights are recognized by both Honduran and international law.  An example of the violence:  two Garifuna community radio stations were burned down by the Honduran military.  They have been rebuilt, but remain under threat.  


Miriam is from the community of Vallecito, on the north shore of Honduras. For more than 16 years she has been working in the human rights movement, focusing on the rights of indigenous and Afro-descendant people, including the crucial struggle for communal access to and control over land. 

Reverend Dr. Sherman Hicks, CRLN Human Rights Champion!

CRLN recognizes the Reverend Dr. Sherman Hicks as a Human Rights Champion for his lifelong commitment to the work of advancing peace, justice and human rights in this hemisphere.  As the Chicago-area Lutheran Bishop, Dr. Hicks played a crucial role when Bishop Merdado Gomez of El Salvador became a target for assassination by military death squads in 1989. 


With the aid of the ELCA and the personal accompanient of Dr. Hicks, Bishop Gomez fled El Salvador under United Nations escort and came to Chicago to speak at CRLN's first luncheon.  Dr. Hicks' high profile visibility with Bishop Gomez in Chicago and his two subsequent visits to El Salvador did much to enhance the safety of Bishop Gomez. In 1990, Dr. Hicks joined CRLN's first public policy dlegation to Washington DC.  Together with over 1,000 p[eople from across the country, Dr. Hicks and Bishop Gomez met with public policymakers to demand an end to the U.S. military aid to El Salvador, supporting the murder of tens of thousands of Salvadorans

Dr. Hicks served as the Bishop of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America from 1988 -  1995 and currently serves as Executive Director of Multicultural Ministries for the ELCA.   

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When:  Thursday November 3, Noon - 2 pm
Where:  Old St. Patrick's Church, 700 W. Adams, Chicago
Tickets:  $60/ticket and $25/student; volunteers are needed and attend for free

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