Vatican Expells Fr. Roy Bourgeois from Priesthood

 Padre Melo, Fr. Roy, and Andriana                            Padre Melo, Fr. Roy, and Andriana

CRLN sadly informs you that on Monday, November 19, 2102 - the day after the solemn funeral procession at Ft. Benning remembering the 10s of thousands of victims murdered by SOA trained soldiers.- the Vatican officially excommunicated and dismissed SOA Watch leader Fr. Roy Bourgeois as a Maryknoll priest due to his public support for the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic Church. To our further dismay, this expulsion was done with the full complicity of Maryknoll Fathers Leadership Council.  The National Catholic Reporter broke the story here.  


Roy Bourgeois is one of the most tenacious and respected human rights defenders of our time.  If you would like join others from CRLN in signing a petition offering solidarity and support for Roy, you can do so here.


Attached is an August 2011 CRLN letter to Maryknoll in support of Fr. Roy.