Photos from the 2008 Vigil to Close the SOA!

Thank You to all who participated in or expressed support for this year's CRLN delegation to the annual vigil to close the infamous U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA), now called WHINSEC, at Ft Benning, Georgia!  Over 20,000 people from across the nation gathered together to honor the victims of SOA violence across Latin America and to call for the closure of the school.  Click here to see all the photos or click here to see a slideshow.  


CRLN members were privileged to hear from Jesuit Father Jon Sobrino, a survivor of the devastating 1989 massacre of 6 Jesuit priests in El Salvador, as well as Abilio Peña, a human rights defender who has received serious death threats for his work with the Inter-church Commission for Justice and Peace in Colombia.  Also, scholarship funding for airfare from a CRLN member, and lodging funding from the Chicago Presbytery CSLA Mission team, made it possible for the entire Mejia family to again join us for the vigil and demonstration!  It was an inspiring time for us all.  We are deeply grateful to all who accompanied us this year for this vital public witness.