Urgent Action Needed Now

Theologian and Human Rights Activist Assaulted by Paramilitary

On June 20, Colombian human rights activist and theologian Abilio Pena was assaulted and intimidated by known members of the Black Eagles paramilitary group in western Colombia.  Many CRLN members know Abilio - he has been to Chicago and also worked with a 2006 delegation to Colombia.  Abilio, two other human rights defenders from the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission, and a group of Afro-Colombians displaced from their lands were on their way to Curvarado, Choco, when men carrying machetes stopped and surrounded them for hours. The human rights defenders were to assist in the process of demarcating and returning land reportedly taken from Afro-Colombians by paramilitaries in 1996. The Commission advocates on behalf of the return of this land to its collective owners. 

To learn more about this incident, follow this link: http://action.humanrightsfirst.org/campaign/Abilio/explanation

To take action to protect Colombian church activists, follow this link:  http://action.humanrightsfirst.org/campaign/Abilio