Advocacy Opportunities


CRLN members work with their legislators to create U.S. policies that work for peace and justice in our hemisphere.  By advocating on behalf of the poor majorities in Latin America, CRLN members model active, engaged civic responsibility and call our government to accountability for its policies.  Through their advocacy activities, CRLN members build democracy, both here and abroad. 


Below are current advocacy opportunities and resources for CRLN members:


Act Now!

Below are items that you can take action on NOW! If you need help on finding the appropriate people to call or other information, please see the "Advocacy Resources" section below.

Help Us Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform- click on link for Act Now Opportunities

Stop Proposed Immigration Private Detention Center in Joilet, IL

Sign Petition to President Obama! Close the SOA!


Current legislative summaries and co-sponsors

These are the bills that CRLN and our allies are currently working on in the 113th Congress. If your Representative or Senator is currently not a co-sponsor, call them today!

Colombia Resources

Honduras Resources


Advocacy Resources

Below are general resources on how to find your representative, what to say and do in a call or meeting, and how to follow-up on your meeting. If you have any other questions, feel free to call or email Celeste Larkin at (773) 293-2964 or

Advocacy 101-Learn the basics of the legislative process

Lobbying Hints and Tips-From LAWG and WOLA