CRLN Campaigns

CRLN Mission:

Responding to the call of Latin America's poor majorities, CRLN is an interfaith information and action network that mobilizes religious leaders and congregations in Illinois to advance peace, justice & human rights in our hemisphere. CRLN seeks to convert denominational resolutions that support Latin Americans' struggle for justice into effective action and interfaith public witness. CRLN's 600 members include lay leaders, pastors, rabbis, bishops, denominational executives, seminary professors, and men and women religious. Many have traveled to Latin America. Others have associates there.

Who Does CRLN Serve?

CRLN exists to serve the hundreds of thousands in Latin America who have asked U.S. citizens to work to end U.S. policies that harm them. CRLN visits Latin America each year to meet personally with people who are marginalized by unjust political and economic structures but who actively struggle against oppression. Click here to learn more about CRLN delegations. CRLN also exists for people of faith in our country who, through CRLN, are empowered to take direct action to advance justice, peace and human rights through dialogue with public policy makers in the effort to halt abusive military and economic practices being carried out with U.S. tax dollars. Click here to learn more about advocacy opportunities through CRLN.


Currently, CRLN work focuses on the following topics:


Within these campaigns, CRLN and its members engage in education, action and advocacy work. To learn more about specific campaigns, and to access resources and materials on each, please follow the links below or to the right.