Op-Ed Piece: We All Should Be Allowed to Travel to Cuba

CRLN member David Black wrote an opinion-editorial piece on lifting the travel ban to Cuba which was published in the Rockford Register Star.  To read the piece, follow this link http://www.rrstar.com/opinions/x986610439/We-all-should-be-allowed-to-travel-to-Cuba


Writing op-ed pieces for local papers and publications is a great way to advocate for just US policies towards Latin America!  If you'd like to do so and need resources or materials, please contact CRLN at earmstrong@crln.org or 773-293-2964.  In addition to reaching the readers of the paper, pieces like this also reach members of Congress, whose staffs run automated daily Google searches for articles that mention the representative or senator.   


For more information about the legislative effort to lift the travel ban to Cuba, please visit CRLN's Advocacy Page