2009 October - HONDURAS - Human Rights Observer Delegation

A group of Chicagoans spent October 24-30 in Honduras to learn more about what is going in this tumultous time since the June 28, 2009 coup d'etat.  They met with grassroots and human rights groups, radio stations, and government entities, including the US Embassy.  They also observed a demonstration calling for the reinstatement of ousted President Zelaya and heard stories of resistance and hope despite widespread repression. 

Three CRLN Board Members, Rev. Dan Dale, Martha Pierce and Sidney Hollader, and CRLN Human Rights Coordinator Sharon Hunter-Smith participated in this delegation.


  • Click here to see a blog kept by a delegation participant, including photos and continued updates on the situation in Honduras.
  • Click here to read a report prepared by CRLN Human Rights Coordinator Sharon Hunter-Smith
  • Click here to see a schedule of presentations about Honduras given by trip participants