2010 January - MEXICO - Tortillas and Trade



On a cold day in January, 17 individuals from Illinois and Iowa boarded a plane headed for Mexico. Their group included bakers, pastors, librarians, nonprofit program coordinators, graphic designers, marketing gurus, office managers, businessmen, diaconal ministers, educators, parents, librarians and even a bishop. They spent a week learning about economic globalization, NAFTA, hunger, and root causes of migration.  While in Mexico, the group was hosted by the Transformational Immersion Programs of the Lutheran Center in Mexico City and the Cuernavaca Center for Intercultural Dialogue on Development (CCIDD). They met with indigenous leaders, artisans, human rights defenders, professors, and others working for a just, sustainable and peaceful Mexico.  


Hearing the Story

Program Itinerary


Friday, January 29 

Travel to Mexico

Introductions and Orientation


Saturday, January 30

Intro to Methodology of Popular Education

Activity: "Introduction to Globalization: Rules and Players"

Discussion on NAFTA and documentary "This is What Free Trade Looks Like" 

Presentation on "Mexican History from Revolution to Present" by UNAM professor Dr. Ross Gandy


Sunday, January 31

Tour sites of the Zocalo (Historic Center of Mexico City): National Palace, Templo Mayor (Aztec Tenochtitlan ruins), and Cathedral

Visit and worship with San Pedro Martir


Monday, February1

"Resistance and Global Alternatives: Zapatismo" - documentary and discussion

"La Otra Campana" (The Other Campaign) - people's politics for participative democracy

Presentation by People's Front in Defense of the Land on "History and Struggle of San Salvador Atenco"by Martha Perez


Tuesday, February 2

Discussion on global trade and food security and documentary "Global Banquet"

Visit with UNORCA campesino (peasant farmer) organization on the "Impact of Trade Agreements on the Countryside"

Travel to Cuernvaca, settle in at the CCIDD

Social Analysis Dialogue and Introduction to Cuernavaca Quest and La Estacion


Wednesday, Februray 3

Cuernavaca Quest

Family Visits in La Estacion


Thursday, February 4

Community visit in Cuenteped, Visit Sihuame Kuentepec Cooperative

Theology, Trade, and the Role of the Church in Mexico with Jaime Laines from Centro Antonio Montesinos (CAM), a Human Rights Center

Reflection on the Popol Vuh Creation Story and Debrief Cuentepec

Friday, February 5

Visit to Amatlan, Indigenous Spirituality with Aurelio Ramirez, Nahuatl Community Leder

United Artisans Cooperative shopping opportunity and and presentation: The Reality of Artisans in a Global Economy


Saturday, February 6

Final Reflection at the Botanical Garden

Social Analysis Presentation and Action Plan

Closing Liturgy


Sunday, February 7

Travel back to Chicago




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