The Visitor: A lonesome widower finds his mundane existence suddenly shaken up when he befriends a pair of undocumented immigrants.

Under the Same Moon: A young boy's journey across the U.S./Mexico border.

Bread and Roses: The plight of office cleaners, many of whom are immigrants.

Mojados: Through the Night: This documentary film follows four migrants from a small village in Mexico as they leave their families and embark on trek across the deserts of Texas.

Dying to Get it: Undocumented Immigration at the U.S./Mexico Border: A first hand look at the harsh reality of today's border crossing.

Crossing Arizona: This documentary shows how we got to where we are toda

Rights on the Line: Vigilantes at the Border: An examination of the private militia groups like the Minuteman Project who patrol the US-Mexico Border.

Asalto al Sueño: This documentary chronicles the perilous migration journey from Guatemala to the US border through Mexico.

Made in LA: A documentary following the remarkable story of three Latina immigrants working in Los Angeles garment sweatshops.