Chicago: Protect Immigrant Residents, Amend Welcoming Cities Ordinance!

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Last week, the Supreme Court failed immigrant communities. The City of Chicago can still do right by its immigrant communities by enacting much needed changes to its local policy.

In 2012 Chicago passed its Welcoming Cities Ordinance, but today many of its immigrant residents remain vulnerable to police/ICE collaboration and abuse. The Chicago Immigration Policy Working Group, of which the CRLN forms a part of, wants to strengthen the ordinance to include:

  • Prohibiting city employees, including police officers, from using deportation as a threat and from questioning a person’s immigration status;

  • A process for public reporting and accountability of violations of the ordinance by the Office of the Inspector General or an independent police review board; and

  • Expanded protections to more immigrants in Chicago by updating language that is archaic and inconsistent with the purpose and the intent of the Welcoming Cities Ordinance.

On Wednesday, June 29th please join us at Casa Michoacan (1638 S. Blue Island Ave) at 6 PM to learn why these changes are absolutely needed and how you can join efforts to strengthen Chicago’s commitment to its immigrant residents.

The Supreme Court may have failed immigrant communities, but together we can ensure Chicago does everything in its power to keep its immigrant residents safe from abuse and deportation!  

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