Encuentros: Encounters in Latin America Scholarship Fund

We at the Chicago Religious Leadership Network in Latin America are committed to making Encuentros:Encounters in Latin America experiences open to everyone, regardless of income.  We believe that traveling to Latin America can be a transformative experience and is valuable to people in all walks of life, including students and others who may not have the personal resources to finance an Encuentros trip on their own. 


One way that CRLN keeps true to this goal is by keeping trips at as affordable as possibleEncuentros groups stay in simple housing, utilize economical transportation options, take advantage of the best available flight prices, and seek advice from our Latin American partners in order to keep expenses down. 


An additional way that CRLN seeks to ensure that the trip cost isn't prohibitive is by asking people to donate to a scholarship fund.  Are you interested in making such a donation? If you are able to make a contribution of any size, please contact CRLN Managing Director Jim Vondracek at jvondracek@crln.org or 773-293-2964.  You can also mail checks to:

Encuentros Scholarship Fund
4750 N Sheridan Rd
Ste 429
Chicago, IL 60640


The scholarship funds collected are used to help subsidize the trip costs for participants requiring financial aid.  Scholarship recipients are required to raise the majority of the funds themselves through fundraising events, freewill offerings at congregations and civic group meetings, letters to friends and family, and other similar efforts.  It is the understanding of CRLN that these kinds of efforts allow others an opportunity to partner with the trip participant in their experience, providing support and also hearing reflections and reports.