Holy Week/Passover reflection: Honduras

We are entering Holy Week, the time in the Christian year when we remember the arrest, torture, unjust trial and murder of Jesus at the hands of the Roman Empire.  In our contemporary world, we must ask, "Who is being crucified today?" and "Are we the ones shouting for crucifixion, or the ones waiting for resurrection?" 

Tomorrow begins Passover, the time in the Jewish year when we remember the exodus by the Hebrew people from slavery, oppression and murder in Egypt.  Now we must ask, "Who are being enslaved, oppressed, and being killed today?" and "Are we the ones supporting slavery, oppression and murder, or the ones traveling in the wilderness toward the promised land?"

Those living in poverty in Honduras exist in virtual slavery to a small elite of wealthy landowners and business people.  The political, legal, and economic structures serve to perpetuate this unjust order, and those who try to change these structures are being crucified--jailed, tortured, raped, and murdered--by death squads.  The military coup on June 28, 2010 reversed the social gains for the poor that former President Zelaya was able to win.  The elections held under the interim coup government, widely boycotted, entrenched these structures.  Since the inauguration of the new president, members of the nonviolent resistance movement against the coup and for democratic changes to political and economic structures are being assassinated at an alarming rate.  Journalists who try to write about what is really happening in Honduras are particularly at risk.

Two articles about the most recent deaths--a teacher shot in front of his students, and 2 journalists killed as they were drivingin a car-- can be found at the following sites: "'Text-book' State Terrorism in Honduras: Death Squads Kill Teacher, Broad Daylight, in front of Students" at www.rightsaction.org and "José Bayardo Mairena Ramírez y Manuel Juárez, journalists, assassinated at http://hondurashumanrights.wordpress.com/.

Please pray for the families of these men and look for resurrection in the ongoing movement which is currently in the wilderness but still traveling toward the promised land of social and economic justice in Honduras.