Welcome to the homepage of the Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN).  The Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN) stands in solidarity with those oppressed by poverty, violence and exclusion in this hemisphere working together for the respect of human dignity and empowerment of all peoples.  An interfaith network of individuals and communities, CRLN equips and mobilizes religious leaders, communities and individuals to advance peace, justice and human rights in our hemisphere.

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On Spiritual Strength and Immigrant Justice: Such a Time as This La Fortaleza Espiritual y Justicia para el Inmigrante: Una Ocasión Como Esta

Christians have entered the sacred season of Lent, a time to remember our humility before God. Soon Jewish communities will be celebrating Purim, the remembrance of Queen Esther, who chose the path of solidarity and saved her people from annihilation at the hands of those who saw them as outsiders. Baha’is are preparing to enter the Nineteen Day Fast, a time of special devotion and spiritual renewal.

Let us drink deeply at the wells offered to us by our spiritual traditions. We will need them for the long journey ahead. Last week Judge Andrew Hanen ordered a temporary injunction against Obama’s Executive Action, which offers protection from deportation to certain undocumented parents and youth. His ruling is unlikely to stand, but it may take a while to resolve.

Days of Prayer & Action: 2015 Save the Date!

Save the Date!

Join us for: Days of Prayer & Action for Colombia (DOPA) "Tomorrow’s Peace Starts Today: La paz de mañana empieza hoy "

SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2015 : Plan a sermon, Sunday school class or community event to support the peace process in Colombia

MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015 : Take Action to Support of the peace process in colombia. More materials coming soon!

E-mail Celeste at clarkin@crln.org if you plan to participate or with questions.

Crunch Time: Make your call for #NoFastTrack

CRLN & Fair Trade Advocates everywhere are in crunch time. John Boehner & Congress’s business conservatives are trying to pass Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the House before the 2016 election season starts up.

Please click here to call your member of Congress to ask that they strongly oppose Fast Tracking the TPP and other corporate trade deals. This moment really counts!

The Obama administration & corporate elites have been pushing Fast Track hard & many members of Congress who’ve been on our side are now wavering . That’s why we’ve been doing targeted actions on different Members of Congress ( check it out! ).

El Pueblo Canta Concert 2015: Tickets On Sale Now!

Support CRLN and other organizations in their immigrant rights work all while enjoying great food, fantastic music, and the best people in Chicago! Don't miss the 7th Annual El Pueblo Canta Concert! Free parking passes available if you act quickly. Pass the word to your friends, family, co-workers, and even your enemies. This is how we change the world and love every minute of it.

What: 7th Annual El Pueblo Canta When: 7 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday, April 25, 2015. Traditional Latin American foods will be for sale at the concert beginning at 6 p.m. ...

Singing Valentine: To Mike Quigley, From Disgruntled Constituents... PS #NoFastTrack

Today, Monday, February 23rd, CRLN joined twenty members of the Illinois Fair Trade Coalition (IFTC) and constituents of Illinois’ 5 th Congressional district to stage a singing Valentine’s delivery for Rep. Mike Quigley who has failed to come out against Fast Track legislation for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The group delivered a Valentine’s package filled with over 1,500 messages and signatures from 5 th district voters urging that the Congressman come out and ensure he will vote no on Fast Track legislation, which some proponents want to vote on before the 2016 election cycle begins. The group sang a love song whose lyrics were altered to urge that Rep. Quigley change his current, on-the-fence stance on Fast Track legislation to a clear no.

In Memory of Nelson Arambu and Dany Morales

CRLN is sad to have learned of the deaths of two Hondurans who have spoken or performed in Chicago in 2014: Nelson Arambu, LGBT activist who spoke at a CRLN event in February, and Dany Morales, the guitarist in Karla Lara's band who played at the November 2014 CRLN Luncheon. CRLN is collecting contributions to semd a memorial gift to the mother of Nelson Arambu and Dany Morales' wife. You may make your checks out to CRL/8th Day Center for Justice or click here to make a credit card contribution. Our hearts go out to both of their families.

2015 National Coming Out of the Shadows

Every year, since 2010, members of the undocumented community have publically come out as undocumented, unapologetic, & unafraid. These daring acts of resistance--of courageous storytelling & story-sharing--have empowered immigrant communities & transformed & humanized the immigration debate.

La Puya Celebration of Life!

Those of you who attended the CRLN Luncheon in November will remember Miriam Pixtun Monroy, an Indigenous Mayan leader of the non-violent resistance movement against a mine now located at La Puya , close to the communities of San Jose del Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc. CRLN board member Martha Pierce led a delegation to Guatemala earlier this month, and the group was able to visit with Miriam and the communities at La Puya. After returning, they received the following invitation, which they share with you:


Receive a cordial greeting from the Peaceful Resistance of La Puya! By this means we invite you to accompany us in a Celebration of Life we are having on January 25, the day Kan, of the Mayan calendar. Kan is the spirit of the creation of men and women. He is the ruler of all material things. It is a day to ask for solutions to all manner of problems and needs.

Chicago Mayoral Elections

The Chicago Mayoral Election is February 24. Democracy Depends on You!

Much is at stake in the upcoming mayoral elections. Five candidates have staked out widely diverging positions on crucial issues for immigrants and all residents of the city: the future of bilingual education, charter schools, funding for neighborhood development initiatives, community policing, and more will be decided on the election Feb. 24.

Make your vote count! Click "read more" below for voter information.

Espanol: Haz Click en "read more" abajo

Romero Vive! Travel to El Salvador March 19-30, 2015

Travel to El Salvador with CRLN & EcoViva 35 th Anniversary Commemorations of Archbishop Oscar Romero!

Dates: March 19-30, 2015

Cost: $1,350 ( plus round-trip airfare)

Romero Vive! Join CRLN Program Director Gary Cozette in travelling to El Salvador on March 19-30, 2015, for the 35 th Anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romeo, San Romero de las Americas . In addition to Romero celebrations in San Salvador where we will participate in processions, vigils, and commemorative sites, we will visit Romero-inspired rural communities that are on the cutting edge of creative ecological sustainability in the face of Global Climate Change. We will discover U.S. policies in El Salvador that can either encourage or thwart their success, and explore ways that we can be allies in their struggle.

On the last day of the mining portion of the delegation, we will serve as international observers in a referendum to become a Metallic Mine Free Zone.

The discounted cost for CRLN participants is $1,305 + round trip airfare. This includes all meals, lodging, ground transportation, and translation. It does not include airport entry or exit tax.

Or you are welcome to participate in the “mining portion” of the delegation for only $400 plus airfare.

Click "Read More" for attacment with details of the full itinerary!


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