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Mission: The Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN)  builds partnerships among social movements and organized communities within and between the U.S. and Latin America. We work together through popular education, grassroots organizing, public policy advocacy, and direct action to dismantle U.S. militarism, neoliberal economic and immigration policy, and other forms of state and institutional violence.We are united by our liberating faiths and inspired by the power of people to organize and to find allies to work for sustainable economies, just relationships and human dignity.  

Misión en español: La Red de Líderes Religiosos de Chicago para Latinoamérica (CRLN) construye alianzas entre movimientos sociales y comunidades organizadas en EE.UU. y entre los pueblos de las Américas. Trabajamos juntos por medio de la educación popular, la organización de base comunitaria, la promoción de políticas públicas, y la demostración no violenta pero energética para desmilitarizar nuestras sociedades, crear alternativas a la economía neoliberal y desmantelar la política de inmigración de EE.UU, y otras formas de violencia institucional y de Estado. Estamos unidxs por nuestras fes liberadoras e inspiradxs por el poder de la gente para organizar y encontrar aliadxs para trabajar por economías sostenibles, relaciones justas y la dignidad humana.

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CRLN gratefully acknowldges the support of the following Foundations: Crossroads Fund, Helen Brach Foundation, Landau Family Foundation, Pierce Family Charitable Foundation and Woods Fund of Chicago. 

Caravan Opening the Doors to Hope / Caravan Abriendo las Puertas a la Esperanza

Join interfaith and social justice leaders to meet Catholic priest, Padre Alejandro Solalinde, and his Caravan Opening the Doors to Hope .

Solalinde is traveling the U.S. with a large group of victimized migrants turned activists who have experienced human rights abuses in Mexico. The stories are shocking: 70,000 Central American brothers and sisters disappearing over the last few years. All the wihle, Fr. Solalinde has been imprisoned and arrested for his work operating a network of shelters. The caravan seeks to...

Faith Voices Impact Committee Hearing for Immigration Bill

May 9th the Senate Judiciary Committee took up the first section of proposed amendments to S744, the bill for comprehensive immigration reform. Thank you to everyone who called, emailed, shared, posted and re-posted to support the call-in day. We are pleased with the results: we WON on many amendments. The worst amendments were defeated, and no increases to the triggers passed.

The next call-in day will be Tuesday, May 14, when the Judiciary Committee will take up the section on a Path to Citizenship. Check back here for more details, or go to http://www.interfaithimmigration.org/ .

If you are looking for information...

What’s bigger than NAFTA? Answer: the TPP

CRLN has been in the streets raising the profile on the biggest Free Trade Agreement (FTA) no one's ever heard of: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

At the May Day celebration, we gathered over 120 signatures asking that Senator Durbin bring this agreement out of the shadows and into our democratic process. During Tuesday and Wednesday's Fair Trade Festival in Daley Plaza , we will join the Illinois Fair Trade Coalition in gathering signatures...

Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia

Now is the time for peace with justice! For over fifty years, Colombia has been engaged in an internal conflict that has left over five million displaced, thousands of victims of violence, and a country yearning for peace. Colombians have suffered through unspeakable violence, forced displacements, kidnappings, widespread massacres, threats against unionists and human rights activists, and the social exclusion of indigenous and Afro-descendant communities.

As part of the National Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia (DOPA)...

Study Tour on Immigration Issues in Chicago: “Bridges to Community”

Building Bridges to Community: Join Us! Building Bridges to Community: Join Us! Please join us for a unique opportunity to learn firsthand about and connect with the immigrant community in Chicago. This year the fees are reduced and the format more flexible! Sign up for one or both days:

  • On Fri., June 20 we will travel around Chicago to hear directly from government agents, grassroots organizers, and undocumented immigrants.
  • On Sat., June 21 we
  • ...

DC Delegation: Report Back

CRLN's 2013 DC Delegation takes over the Hill! CRLN's 2013 DC Delegation takes over the Hill! CRLN took a delegation of 21 members to Washington DC to participate in Ecumenical Advocacy Days and a group of 11 members to be part of the National Immigration Day of Action, April 10th. Below is a report back that details the work of both groups and what we were able to accomplish on the hill!

Ecumenical Advocacy Days ...

ACT NOW! Justice for Genocide in Guatemala!

The Genocide Case against Efra ín Ríos Montt has been stalled, and is at risk of being annulled. Please act now to make a historic stand in solidarity with the Ixil people and all Guatemalans who seek justice today for a better tomorrow! Click here to send your message!

Over the last month, over 100 Ixil Mayan survivors of genocide have risked their lives to testify against former Guatemalan Head of State Efraín...

Tell Secretary of State Kerry: Respect Venezuela's Democratic Election!

Venezuela's Democratic Electoral Process Venezuela's Democratic Electoral Process Last Friday, representatives of 47 countries were present in Venezuela at the swearing-in ceremony for their president-elect Nicolas Maduro. Yet one nation was glaringly missing: the United States. The refusal of the US to recognize the winner of last Sunday's election is damaging our own nation. CRLN recently signed onto an organizational letter ...

CRLN Presente on Capitol Hill

On April 5-10, CRLN members were in our nation's capital to join with other groups as part of Ecumenical Advocacy Days in education and action on human rights in Latin America, Immigration, and a host of other issues. Members met with their congressional representatives, as well as the offices of Senators Kirk and Durbin. On the home front in Chicago, we called our represenatives' offices to reinforce the efforts toward comprehensive, compassionate immigration reform. One of our Immigrant Welcoming Congregations, St. Nicholas Parish,...

Act today to expand travel to Cuba!

Urge President Obama to grant general licenses for ALL purposeful categories of travel, doing away with the laborious license application process through the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Contact your House Representative TODAY to encourage her/him to sign on to Rep. Farr’s Dear Colleague letter that supports granting...


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