World Council of Churches

Calls for Peaceful Resolution of Colombian Conflict 

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has requested its member churches to advocate for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Colombia, the full respect of human rights and the cessation of the so called Plan Colombia.  "The violent conflict in Colombia can be overcome only through dialogue and political negotiations", the WCC executive committee said in a minute approved at the end of its 23-26 February meeting in Bossey, near Geneva, Switzerland. The WCC minute calls on the churches in the United States of America "to press their government for an immediate cessation" of Plan Colombia, a US financial and military aid program aimed at curbing drug production and training Colombia's army to battle rebel groups.  The WCC executive committee requests that foreign assistance to Colombia "be redirected from military to humanitarian purposes and for a renewed emphasis on strengthening respect for human rights in the country". The WCC minute "urges religious leaders in Colombia to continue their efforts in promoting a peaceful resolution of the conflict, the disarming of the paramilitary and the restoration of the rule of law".


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