Emergency Solidarity Travel

The Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America works in relationship with non-governmental organizations, churches, faith groups, human rights workers and others in Latin America.  As part of these relationships, CRLN occasionally receives requests to be present at during critical events.  Sometimes these requests are to participate in important conferences or celebrations, but often the request comes as an urgent appeal for international accompaniment due to emergency security concerns. 


Many of our partners in Colombia work under dangerous conditions, receiving death threats against themselves or their families on account of their work for human rights.  These threats often stem from powerful parties that see human rights organizing and empowerment of the poeple as jepordizing their own goal, often economic, and therefore try to stop such efforts through acts of intimidation and violence.  Experience has taught us that an international presence of witnesses is an effective deterrant to acts of violence and intimidation against our partners. 


The request for accompaniment often comes with little or no advance warning.  In order to respond, CRLN must scramble to come up funds for travel expenses, especially airfare.  Second, CRLN must identify a qualified person experienced in traveling in Latin America who is knowledgeable of the situation and is a skilled Spanish speaker. 


To enable CRLN to respond to these emergency appeals, we are seeking a group of 30 persons who would be willing  to donate $100 each year, if needed, to enable CRLN to send a representative in response to these special appeals.  As a member of this team, you would be contacted no more than once a year with a special request received by CRLN to secure your support of $100.

If you would be willing to be part of this emergency financing team (or perhaps you have stores of frequent flyer miles?) contact Gary Cozette at gcozette@crln.org or 773-293-2964.